About Us

Vital Premium Supplements is a company that has set itself the task of producing health-promoting supplements. Our company is based on 4 pillars: health, fitness, well-being and energy. The company is located in Vienna (Austria) and has years of experience in sports nutrition and health. The founder has been active in the professional sports sector for several years and Vital Premium Supplements has a partner in a class of its own thanks to the distribution of sports nutrition Matzku. Vital Premium Supplements made it to provide athletes with only the most important and effective products that are not comparable in the extremely saturated market .We consciously dissociate ourselves from the abundance of the supplement industry and can score with high quality.

Our core is the unique multivitamin complex and more products will follow in the future Why Vital Premium Supplements?

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and top quality
  • Unique dosages and 100% pure products
  • Constant checks and further development of the products
  • Buyer protection on the Internet through Trusted Shops
  • Free shipping for orders over 49 € within Austria
  • Absolute security in the payment
  • Fast, uncomplicated delivery to your door

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