Vital Premium Magnesium +B6


Mineral for metabolism, bones, muscles, nerves, heart and arteries.
The magnesium from Vital Premium in citrate form has a particularly good bioavailability. It is water-soluble, which means that it is absorbed faster and better in the small intestine regardless of the acid concentration in the stomach.

Magnesium is important for several functions in the organism and therefore essential for everyone.

✓ Activates more than 300 enzyme systems
✓ Serves as an energy supplier
✓ Significant for carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism
✓ Building block for stable bone building
✓ Important for the muscle functions also for the heart muscle
✓ Necessary for conduction in nerve and muscle cells

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is unthinkable in our body because it is an important part of the metabolic processes, especially in the central nervous system. A deficiency can lead to severe nerve disorders. In combination with magnesium, the power vitamin is an ideal companion when it is absorbed into our bloodstream and thus also into the body cells.

The need for magnesium in the body depends on individual factors such as diet and lifestyle. In certain phases of life or in particularly stressful times, the need for micronutrients can be significantly higher. The magnesium from Vital Premium Supplements ensures that our organism runs smoothly. Dietary supplements can be helpful to support a balanced diet.