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Why vitamins are so important! Often, the symptoms of a vitamin deficiency such as fatigue, constant infections, depression, muscleaches, hormonal imbalances or hair loss are recognized late. Therefore, professionals recommend to turn to a doctor even for such vague complaints. Who wants to prevent, according to studies should eat at least five times a day fruits and vegetables.

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But even with a balanced diet and proper food preparation, the daily intake of vital substances may be below a healthy level. Among other things, premature harvests of vegetables and fruits, shelf life radiation and long storage times and transport routes are to blame. Tomatoes are being shipped from Chile to Europe.

Another problem: it is not good for our farmland. Monocultures and over-fertilization have leached them so much that the food has only 20 to 30 percent of its former nutrient content. Industrial processes also cost vital substances: grain loses By grinding to white flour up to 6o percent of its B6 vitamins, polished rice just under 50 percent. And fast food is practically "vitamindead".There are certain situations where our vitamin requirement is increased. In these cases, it is especially important that you also pay attention to it.

There is an increased need for vitamins and nutrients:
✓ In children and adolescents in growth
✓ During pregnancy and subsequent lactation
✓ In high fever, as well as in diseases that result in an increased metabolism
✓ In stress situations
✓ There is a need for vitamins in older people, just as young people do
✓ Athletes and amateur athletes suffer from vitamin deficiencies

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